1992 - First commercial illustration

Cover for local epic rock band: INGENTING
The band chose to use the INGENTING letters I made on the wall as a logo, 
they have used that logo for 30 years and are still using it.

Pen and markers (yes, the ones with the toxic gases) on bleed-proof paper.

1992 - First logo project

Arne Johannesen started his bakery in 1908, in approx. 1992 I made a new logo for the company,
based on the original signature from 1908. The bakery is now called Jærbakeren Arne Johannesen
and still uses elements from the logo I drew.

Here are some pictures of the original logo illustrations. Made with copier and felt-tip pens.

1993 - First graphic profile / identity project

Two fantastic professionals, Magnor and Henrik, started a painting company focusing on
crafts and decorative painting.They hired me to create a logo and graphic profile for H&M malerservice.
Logo, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, car decor, marketing material and mailed DMs.
This was the first design project I made on a Macintosh computer.

1998 - First international project.

Triangle Equipment and Ericsson Saab Avionics collaborated to develop high quality components for the oil industry.
My assignment was to create an interactive presentation on CD-ROM with accompanying
brochure material and presentation folder.

1995-2005 Logos and visual identities

Here are a few selected logo / profile works from Since back then.